Points to Remember

Existence of two major political parties means bi-party system and existence of a number of political parties means multiple-party system.

Mertis of bi-party system and demerits of the multiple-party system:

(a) Dual-party system is the sine quanon of successful parliamentary democracy. Multiple-party system on the other hand is responsible for failure of parliamentary government.


(b) A government formed by a single party, under the dual party system, is very stable and is strong enough to face the criticism and onslaught of the opposition confidently. The coalition government formed under the multiple parly system easily succumbs to the onslaughts of the opposition.

(c) The opposition is responsible under the dual party system and is responsible under the multiple-party system.

(d) The two-party system offers clear alternatives to the people where as the multiple party system confuses the electorate.

(e)Formation of governments is easy and simple under the two party system. It is difficult under the multiple-party system.


(f) It is easy to fix responsibility under the bi-party system regarding the failure of national policy. It is not easily possible under the multiple- party system.

3. Demerits of bi-party system and merits of the multiple-party system:

(a)The bi-party system splits the nation into two hard irreconcilable camps. The situation is saved under the multiple party system.

(b) The bi-party system undermines the prestige of the legislature and results in cabinet-dictatorship. This cannot happen under the multiple-party system. The bi-party system leads to despotism of the majority. Against this, the multi party system is more democratic.