The continuous decline in the standards of the Parliament is a cause for concern and the constitutional experts have suggested the following measures to improve its efficiency.

(1) Restricting the entry of criminals into the political arena.

(2) Reducing corruption at higher levels through effective anti corruption measures and fixing accountability on the executive.

(3) Proper training for members of parliament in conducting the business of the house.


(4) Empowering the Presiding Officers of the House with additional powers to punish unruly members.

(5) Making political parties more responsible for their conduct inside the Parliament.

(6) Setting up of coordination committees with members of ruling party and opposition for smooth conduct of the House.

(7) Making the recommendations of reports of various parliamentary committees mandatory, they are advisory in nature at present.


(8) While introducing reforms in Parliament, it is all the more important that the reforms should cover the political parties and government.

(9) Bureaucracy is to be oriented and authoritarianism of bureaucracy should be limited by forming or creating extra parliamentary agencies. The extra parliamentary agency would asset the Legislative bodies with authority and responsibility.

(10) Indian Parliament is functioning in a unique socio-economic setting. It requires a thorough probing. A committee should be constituted and leading scholars in the fields of constitutional studies, parliamentary procedure and practice and other relevant areas should be incorporated and basic objectives should be codified.