17B, Ripon Street,

Calcutta 700 016

The 3rd August, 19

My dear Joseph,


Please accept my congratulation on your eighteenth birthday that falls on this day. I wish you a very long life, and pray to God for your prosperity and happiness.

I hope, on the occasion of your birthday, you will invite your friends who are near at hand, and cut your birthday cake in their presence, as you have always done, while in Calcutta.

I miss you very much after you left us for Asansole, where your father is now posted. I do not know when we are going to meet next. I pine for your company all the time, as we two were perhaps the most intimate friends in our class.

On the occasion of your birthday, you must have been pre­sented with new clothes and other precious gifts by your parents- and friends.


Please write to me at your convenience.

With love,

Yours ever,

Jayanta Mishra