Today is the birthday of your friend in Lucknow. Write a letter to him congratulating him on his birthday


89 Kakanagar New Delhi


My dear Suresh


Today being the 25th of December, Suresh I was reminded of your birthday which falls today. I remember when you were here in the same school as me; we all used to call you our Christ, and enjoyed every birthday with a wonderful party.

This year you are in Lucknow and I hope you enjoy your birthday party with new people around, as well as you did it here. On this day, please accept my heartiest congratulations for the day. May God grant you with scores of birthdays to come in the years to follow, and you celebrate each one with the grandeur that is usual with your parties. I have got a nice present for you which I will give you when we meet next. May be we all come to Lucknow in the month of February to attend some function in the family there? At that time I will meet you and give you your present. Once again, do accept my hearty congratulations for your birthday.

All else is fine at this end, and I do hope all is well with you and your near dear ones. Convey my regards to your parents.

With love and best wishes


Your friend

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