Short Paragraph for kids on my daily routine


I am an early riser. I get up at 5 A.M. sharp. The first thing I do is to drink a glassful of water, for it keeps the bowels clean. After brushing my teeth and washing my face. I study for two hours. At 7 A.M. I massage my body and take a cold bath. Then I have my breakfast which includes a glass of steaming hot milk. At 8.15 A.M. I start for my school along with a friend who lives nearby. In free periods I go to library and read newspapers and magazines. At half past two I return and have my lunch. After an hour’s rest I go to the playground to play football. I take my supper at 9.0 P.M. and before going to bed do my home work. This is my routine. I am quite satisfied with it.

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