January is the coldest month in India. This year 26th January was the coldest day Of the season.Since it was a holiday I woke up at 7.30 a.m. It was chilly, cold outside. The sun could not be seen.

There was fog everywhere. The air was very cold. Dew had fallen on the grass.

I was feeling to get back to my bed but as I had to watch the Republic Day parade on T.V. I woke up. I didn’t take a bath and washed my face, hands and feet. I wore three sweaters.

I had to take tea many times to keep myself warm. The Republic Day parade was very good but getting early in the winter morning was really very bad.


After two and a half hours the sun rose and the cold decreased. After sunset cold increased again.

I went to bed early and covered myself with blankets in order to remain warm and enjoyed a nice sleep.