Paragraph on the development of art and history writings under the Mughal


With the Mughals came the new art of writing history. And this created a new tradition of history writing in India. The two distinctive features of this new trend were: First, the new tradition of writing memoirs by the Mughal emperors and the other members of the royal house. In this context the Tuznk-i-Baburi and Tuzuk-i- Jahangiri deserve special mention. The second distinctive feature was the official or court history written under the orders of the, Mughal emperors. Of this category of ‘namas’ or official -histories belong the Ain-i-Akvari and Akbarnama of Abul Fazl or Alamgirnama of Mirza Muhammad Kasim. Where the new tradition differed from that of the previous days was that under the Mughals. History had been secularized and in writing history the writers never misrepresented facts.

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