Here is your paragraph on Problems of Population in India


The population problem in India is one of the pressing issues of today. It stands at a higher footing than all other issues. Post-independence, there has been a population explosion in India. All the efforts by the Government to minimize the population growth have only been partially effective. The balance between the optimum population growth and an economically healthy nation is yet to be achieved.

Causes for Growing Population:

One of the major causes of population growth has been the increase in the number and quality of healthcare facilities which have lowered the death rate drastically. Illiteracy is another pertinent cause of over-population. A majority of the people of India lives in rural areas and can’t afford education. This leads to lack of awareness and proper recreation. These factors have contributed to the tripling of the Indian population to cross a billion people in a span of six decades.

Effects of Population Growth:

The ever rising population of India has affected the country in many ways. One of the negative effects is the continuance of poverty. Poverty is the most glaring issue of India which requires immediate attention. Much of India’s population is below the poverty line and do not even earn the basic minimum wage. Too many people also results in disproportionate health care facilities.


India ranks very low on the overall health of its population when compared to other countries in the world. Over a hundred people die every couple of days in India because of starvation or excessive dehydration. Certain government hospitals have dearth of doctors and the patients suffering from terminal diseases.

Population growth also puts heavy burden on the economy of the country. It affects the production and distribution of resources. Pollution is another disastrous effect of population growth in India. Pollution occurs because the number of vehicles on the road has increased, trees are being felled, large tracts of greenery are being cleared for constructing residences etc.

Measures To Minimize:

Amongst the first steps towards reducing population, the Government started family planning scheme. India was the first country to introduce family planning in the wake of a population boom. However, this initiative failed. Awareness is the best method to help in checking the population growth. The NGOs and the media must come forward and help in creating awareness amongst the citizens of the country. The Indian mass must be properly educated regarding the advantages of family planning.


Thus, population problems in India are plenty and they require immediate attention by the Government. A responsible government can cure these blots in our system and lead India on the path of betterment. Also, the people of the country must individually strive to be better. They should understand the advantages and disadvantages of family planning and lack of protection respectively.