Here is your paragraph on Life without Plants!


One of the most valuable natural resources is plants. There would be no life on earth without plants. The earth is fortunate to have plants and in abundant number. There would be no human population on the planet if it not were for plants. No life is possible on the earth without plants.

Importance of Plants:

Plants recycle the air around us. They take in the carbon dioxide which we breathe out and convert it into oxygen and breathe it out. People use indoor plants so as to keep the air purified and fresh. Animals use plants as their food and so do humans. Starting from the grains found in the cereals to orange juice, we intake plants. Certain plants are the oldest life forms on earth.

Plants exist in plentiful number on the earth, with about 300,000 species. The unique ability of plants is that they produce their own food using energy from the sun. People should appreciate the value of plants because they are an invaluable part of the Earths ecosystem. Plants provide people with an abundance of food either directly or indirectly. There are millions of vegetable, fruit and seed producing plants which are used by people for food.

Life without Plants:


Life without plants would be a difficult and unimaginable life. There would be no trees or bushes around our house. The sunlight would enter into the house directly. There would be no shade by the side of the roads. Without plants, the playgrounds, lawns and gardens would be mere solid ground. The cattle will die because of lack of plantation to eat.

The cows, buffalos, goats etc. depend heavily on the plants and leaves for their nutrition, which if not given will result in the death of the aforementioned. There would be no forests and hence no fresh air. The trees help in giving us the oxygen we breathe by absorbing the carbon dioxide in the air. Without plants, this difficulty would arise.

In various parts of the world, ninety percent of people live in houses with no electricity. Household energy in the form of charcoal and wood are provided by the plants. Hundreds and thousands of people would perish without the availability of this fuel source. Plants, particularly grasses and shrubbery, Stabilization of the top soil and prevention of soil erosion by holding the soil together is done by grass and shrubbery, which are plants.

In the absence of plants, nutrient-rich topsoil would be no more, making it enormously difficult to grow food and sustain life. Certain plants have chemicals which when isolated in a lab, can help treat people suffering from different diseases.



Thus, life without plants is unimaginable and impossible. They are the recyclers of air on the surface of the earth. Without them, many species of animals and other organisms would perish. Even humans will be threatened with survival in the absence of plants. Plants are a part of our ecosystem and our environment. In no which way, is life on earth possible without plants.