Paragraph on as you sow, so you reap


Like the quality of the plant that depends on the nature of the seeds sown, so also the fruit or result of one’s efforts depends upon the work that one puts in. The results of labour will be good if one puts in dedicated work without sparing any efforts. One cannot expect a good result without actually working for it. Behind every success lie diligence, hard labour, industry and toil. A lazy person cannot achieve anything good as long as he is lethargic and does not exert himself or herself. However, one should also admit the effect that in the current times the person who toils or works for something does not always enjoy the fruits of that work. He is paid some wages for the hard work that he puts in and the fruits of his labour are actually reaped by the people who pay for that work. But in some cases like the examinations where3 the student’s performance is in direct proportion of the effort put in by the students, it is true that the fruit or result of one’s efforts is in direct proportion to one’s efforts.

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