6 main Importance of Communication are as follows:

1. Every aspect of manager’s job, may it be planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling involves communication. Most of the time of the managers is spent in communicating. No wonder according to expert’s research finding, managers spends 75 to 90 per cent of his time in communicating, exchanging information with people.

2. Nothing contributes so much to managerial effectiveness as effective communication.

3. However, the decisions at the top are, they will serve no purpose unless the manager can successfully communicate the implications of these decisions to the subordinates who are to implement them.


4. Communication is the essence of organised activity. It is the basis of direction and leadership. The managers have to communicate to give instructions, orders to’ assign jobs and fix responsibilities.

5. Communication renders the complexity of business intelligible and workable.

6. The better the communication, the more efficient the work performance.