Directing in an organisation

Direction involves the initiation of activities to achieve the goals of organisation. Words like leading, ordering, guiding, etc. convey the same meaning of directing. Directing has been defined by Koontz O’Donnell as, “The interpersonal aspects of managing by which subordinates are led to understand and contribute effectively and efficiently to the attainment of enterprise objectives”.

Directing function of management links other functions of management. Because planning, organizing and staffing are preparatory management functions. The purpose of controlling is to verify whether the goals are achieved or not.

Haimann viewed that the connecting and actuating link between these functions is the managerial function of directing, which means the issuance of directives and the guidance and overseeing of the subordinates.


Directing consists of the process and techniques utilized in issuing instructions and making certain that operations are carried on as originally planned”.

Directing as a managerial function is undertaken by all managers who have subordinates. To be effective, direction function must be undertaken continuously. Direction must be co-ordinated to achieve the results.