5 main Demerits of Line Organisation

(1) Lack of Specialisation:

Line executives are required to perform a number of functions – relating to their departments. No one person can be left at all the jobs and for that reason specialists should be placed in departments to handle different jobs.

(2) Burdensome:


Line executives do not have staff assistance. So, as the scale of the firm increases, line executives would find their task more and more burdensome. When a job is burdensome, it will lead to slackness and inefficiency.

(3) Dictatorial:

Line executives have sweeping powers relating to their area of activity. This is likely to have a corrupting influence. They might demand absolute obedience to their plans, instructions and orders. Even creative suggestions might irritate their sense of authoritarianism.

(4) Lack of initiative:


A dictatorial attitude of the line executives and the emergence of a group of flatterers would have a crippling effect on the initiative, creativity and cooperation of the workers.

(5) Lack of stability:

Line organisation tends to become personality based. A powerful personality is helpful in building up the organisation. But were he to be away from the organisation it would leave a vacuum.