5 important Merits of Line and Staff Organisation

(1) Sound managerial decisions:

In this organisation there are chances of sound managerial decisions being taken because the problem or the situation is considered by the line executives aided by staff authority.

(2) Relief to line executives:


This organisation provides relief to the line executives. Highly technical and complicated problems are forwarded to the staff authorities for their opinion. The line executives are then left with lesser problems to deal with.

(3) Chances of Promotion:

The organisation would offer more positions of authority as number of staff officers will have to be appointed. This would increase the chances of its employees to gain higher posts. Old and experienced employees will get chances of being appointed as staff officers.

(4) Improvement in efficiency:


The most obvious impact of this organisation is to be felt on the overall efficiency of the organisation.

(5) Discipline:

Despite the appointment of staff authorities, the unity of command is maintained as the staff officers are not given executive powers of control. They are to advise the line executives maintain discipline.