Transportation of the rock debris takes place by traction, saltatio: suspension, floatation and solution.

Traction is partial support of material by t buoyancy of water or wind. This takes place by rolling, pushing and dragging. With the movement takes place in intermittent leaps and bounds by running water and wind, it is termed as saltation. Temporary support of rock particles by movin water or air is suspension. Materials are carried by the glaciers in a similar manner.

Though suspension is not the correct term, yet this type of transportation by the glaciers is termed as suspension. Besides, running water transports material by two more ways – floatation and solution. Certain materials like pumice and organic materials float on water and are carried down stream. Some erod materials, especially those which are decomposed by chemical weathering and by corrosion are transported by water in solution.

Weathering disintegrates and decomposes the solid rocks and helps in erosion. The agencies acquire the loose material and tranpsort them to the places of accumulation and aggradation.