Legislation to protect Wildlife:

The Indian board for wildlife was consti­tuted in the Year 1952 and at its first meeting the board made a suggestion for a unified legislation to protect wildlife in India. The wildlife protection act was enacted in 1972 and it has been adopted by all the states.

There is a Central board for wildlife preservation headed by a Director to assist the Director; there are four regional directors one each at New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras. They are responsible for the Implementation of Convention on International Trade in Endangered species (CITES). These directors also give suggestions to local offices in the protection of wildlife and regulating commercial activity in wild flora and fauna. A number of legislations have been enacted to protect the wild life. These are

1. Madras Wild Elephant Preservation Act, 1873


2. All – India Elephant Preservation Act, 1879

3. The Wild Birds and Animals Protection Act, 1912

4. Bengal Rhinoceros Preservation Act, 1932

5. Assam Rhinoceros Preservation Act, 1954


6. Indian Board for Wildlife (IBWL) 1952

7. Establishment of National Parks, Sanctuaries, and Zoological Gardens.