Short Notes on the Land Revenue & Postal Service of Bahaminis


The land revenue was fixed at l/6th of the gross produce. Gawan’s systematic survey and classification of the land according to its fertility and facilities available for marketing etc. led to variation in the rate of revenue. The non-arable land was not taxed or a very nominal rent was charged.

The land attached to mosques and temples seemed to have been exempted from taxation. Another source of state revenue was the custom duty. It varied according to the commodity imported. For example, for a horse or an elephant, it was one dinar while for a buffalo it was one fan is each. For gold and silver it was Rs. 7-8-0 per Rs. 100.

Postal services


The postal services were fairly well maintained. Dak chowkies were established at every 3 miles and letters were passed on from one chowki to another by runners or horsemen. The post office was called ‘chapar khana’.

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