Short Notes on the biography of Narasimha-I


We saw how Narasimha became king at a very early age and was saddled with the responsibility of managing all that he had inherited from his father. His reign period was, however, disappointing in achievements. Narasimha missed many opportunities to improve his kingdom though his inscription continued to speak of victories.

It was the devoted service of some of his officers that made even the continued existence of the kingdom possible. His son Ballala who was about 21 years of age in 1172 was a competent young man and he felt dissatisfied with the manner in which the affairs of the kingdom were conducted.

By AD 1173 he was ruling the kingdom as a joint ruler with his father but later in the year he left the capital to seek friends who could help him to seize the kingdom. When these moves were being made by the prince, the king who was then forty yeard old could have prevented a premature lakeover of the government by his son. Ballala, however, was more determined and competent. He collected his sympathisers, marched on the capital, dethroned his father and himself took over the kingdom. This brave coup did noot make any difference in the eyes of many supporters of Narasimha.

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