Short notes on Map


A map is a conventional representation of the earth (whole or part of it) drawn to scale on a flat surface.

Different Types of Maps Are:

(a) Wall maps and atlas maps: These give the general structure of a large area such as continents or countries.


These are small scale maps which give a general picture of a larger area.

(b) Topographic maps: These are large scale maps. They give greater details of a small area – town maps, village maps. They show details of streets, plots and fields in the area. These are also called Cadastral maps.

(c) Thematic maps: These maps show selected features only. These are help­ful in studying relationships between two variables in a region. They are more important than general maps in studying environmental relationships e.g., weather map, population map, road map, vegetation, etc.

Maps may be large scale or small scale.

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