1. The paintings of Ajanta depict various themes. There are those which depict the pomp and splendour of the royal courts and the romance of love and the joy of feasting, singing and dancing and the man-made world with luxurious products, buildings, textiles and jewellery. Some depict the world of nature – vegetation and flowers, animals and birds.

2. Many themes depicted are from the Buddha’s life and the Jataka stories. All the scenes depicted are full of vitality. The figures are drawn with admirable skill.

3. The intense human appeal gives the message of the unity of life depicted through the panorama of all forms of life. Every form receives the equal attention of the artists and the various worlds of painting combine to give a fuller picture of real life.

4. The medium through which this is done is the line. In the West what is achieved with colour is achieved with line in India.