Write a brief note on Tourism


One may ask why, for a poor country of a poor region, tourism becomes the only option that is to be developed through state subsidy via investment aid and tax exemptions. The answer is often simplistic – to earn the foreign exchange necessary to build the nation, we must have an export oriented economy. IMF/World Bank conditionalities with the structural adjustment programme of reforms encourage “invisible” exports like tourism, which has been pushed as a tool of development by international agencies like the world tourism organisation. Their argument is couched in the most persuasive terms. Eco-tourism is different to beach and resort tourism; this difference is based on a developmental myth that states:

The value placed on natural and cultural resources in the function of tourism can be a tool for raising consciousness and greater citizen participation in environmental protection and conservation.

The myth further states that:


Well organized nature tourism, with several options for the national population can contribute to their environmental education.


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