Notes on the importance of Carnatic & Mysore City in Mughal Empire


Carnatic was one of the Subahs of the Mughal Deccan and was under the authority of the Nizam. As the Nizam became independent of Delhi, the Deputy Governor of Carnatic known as the Nawab of Carnatic, freed himself from the control of the Viceroy of the Deccan and made his office hereditary.

Nawab Saadatullah Khan of Carnatic made his nephew Dost Ali his successor without the approval of his superior, the Nizam. After 1740, the affairs of the Carnatic deteriorated on account jat the repeated struggles for its Nawabship. That gave the British an opportunity to interfere in Indian Politics.



The Kingdom of Mysore preserved its precarious independence since the end of the Vijaynagar Empire. Early in the 18th century, two ministers Nanjaraj and Devaraj seized power in Mysore and reduced the King Chikka Krishna Raj to a mere puppet. Haider Ali started his career as a petty officer in the Mysore Army.

Though uneducated, he possessed a keen intellect. He was a man of great energy daring and determination. He was also a brilliant commander and shrewd diplomat. He gradually rose in the Mysore Army. He modernised his army. He set up a modem arsenal in Dindigul in 1715 with the help of French experts.

In 1761, he overthrew Nanjaraj and established his authority over the Mysore State. He extended full control over the’ rebellious Zamindars and conquered the territories of Bidnur, Sunda, Sera, Canara and Malabar. He was an efficient administator. He practised religious toleration and many of his officers were Hindus. Almost from the beginning, he was engaged in wars with the Martha Chiefs, the Nizam and the British.

In 1769, he defeated the British Forces and reached the walls of Madras. He died in 1782. He was succeeded by his son Tipu Sultan who ruled Mysore till his death in 1799. Some Historian describe Tipu Sultan as a religious fanatic but that does not seem to be correct.

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