4 important features of Management Techniques

Management techniques have the following features:

1. They are a set of procedural or formal steps. This is basic for any management technique. Procedural or formal steps lead to ‘systematic’ approach which has been the highlight of any scientific method.

The systematic approach is that of analyzing a problem, evolving alternatives and selecting one from among them, finding the most suitable, after evaluating or studying the implications of all the alternatives.


2. They have multiple idea content. They do not have a single idea, but a number of them, through related ones.

3. They help in decision-making in general or with decisions relating either with planning, or organizing or controlling or with any combination of these three processes of planning, organizing and controlling of human and / or other resources with a view to achieving certain specified objectives.

4. They give idea of efficiency which, according to Clay, can further be broken into five components of (a) economy efforts in terms of money and other resources, (b) speed, (c) quality, (d) stability and (e) aesthetic or rhythmical approach.