5 important Techniques of Management:

The functions of management utilize the techniques and approaches of other disciplines. They are of great value if used to perform a function of management. In actual practice, the functions of management are interwoven and interrelated and similar in the case with techniques.

Functions and Techniques are mutually dependent and all are intimately interrelated in a system of management. The techniques utilized by mangers to discharge their functions effectively are as follows:

1. Behavioral science techniques.


2. Quantitative techniques.

3. Decision theory techniques.

4. Experience or empirical techniques.

5. Systems techniques.


Behavioural techniques are used to regulate human behaviour to establish congenial relationships leading to better performance. Quantitative techniques are concerned with the quantification of activities, organization requirements and objectives to be achieved.

Decision techniques facilitate a manager in making decision by weighing alternatives. Empirical techniques empower a manager to draw lessons from past experience and make best use of successful experience in improving the organized work. System tools and approaches provide insight to visualize a problem in a broader and wider context and to find solutions accordingly.