Write a letter to your younger brother who a bookworm is advising him to take active part in the games also


Dear Ranjeet,

I got a letter from father in which he has reported that you have been ill lately. Your health has gone down considerably.

You never play any game. Ranjeet, it is really bad that hard work is felling upon your health. Even when came to see me here you were always busy reading well books. I tried to drag you of a morning walk but you put some excuse. You thought playing to be a sheer waste of time. But my brother, let me tell you that games have their own advantage. You shouldn’t forget that games not only keep us fit physically, they also teach us discipline and refresh our minds. Brief diversions add to our mental altertness. Don’t always get lost in the pages of your book. Move out sometimes and appreciate nature. We can learn more from Nature than from the pages of our books. So, my dear brother be no longer a bookworm. I hope you would develop a liking for games and improve your health and mental alertness.


Affectionately yours,

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