Dear Ramesh,

I have read your House Test Report and am glad to learn that you stand first in your class in the aggregate. Congratulations!

There is one specific remark by your class teacher that has greatly disturbed me. He says that you do not take part in any game. Further, I have learnt from your class-mates that you have become a book-worm. You have been reduced to a skeleton, a physical wreck. How shocking!

Dear Ramesh, studies are all right. But games are important. They cheer us up and help us in building up our health. A sound mind lives only in a sound body. Games teach us discipline, healthy competition and sportsmanship. A person, who lacks sound health, cannot make much headway in life and this is the proper time when you can build up a strong body.


So start playing right from now one or the other game which you like. “The Battle of Waterloo was won on the fields of Eton”. You should always bear it in mind.

With love.

Yours affectionately, X.Y.Z.