Write a letter to your father requesting him to allow you to join an educational tour


My dear Father,

An educational tour of our school, consisting of about thirty students has been chalked out. Our teacher of history, who has mastery over his subject, will accompany the students. The team will leave this place a fortnight hence and return a fortnight later. The places to be visited are Delhi, Agra, Mathura, Bombay and Goa. Each student will have to pay only Rs.2500/- in lump sum. That will include boarding, lodging and other sundry expenses en route. One way fare for the return journey will be paid by the school.

Father, here is a golden opportunity for me to learn as well as enjoy myself at a nominal expense. I hope you will allow me to join this educational tour and send Rs.2500/- or more for expenses.


With respects to mummy and love to Rajiv.

Your loving son, X.Y.Z

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