Dear Nandani,

After a long time, I received your letter and came to know that you are very serious with your preparations and want to know some tips which can help you in your preparations. I am very pleased to give you the tips so that you may pass with good percentage of marks. Since it is the first Board examination, it has significant role in deciding the course of your career. Hence, it is good to be serious from the very beginning.

Examinations are intended to judge our skills and abilities. Thus it requires a careful planning, hard work and sincerity to put those plans into actions. So, first of all, draw up a time table giving sufficient time to all the subjects but a little more to those subjects in which you are not very good. Next important step is to strictly follow the routine. Don’t neglect the tough and uninteresting subjects.

Try to solve the sample paper. It will help you in your self-assessment. It will make you conversant with the type of questions to be asked in the examination. Along with all these, continue your revision otherwise you are likely to forget whatever who have read. Make it a habit to prepare notes. It serves handy in the last moment. Writing practice is all the more important. It helps to retain the matter. Work hard as you know there is no substitute to hard work. I am sure these tips will definitely help you in securing good position in the SSC Examination.


With lots of love.

Your elder brother,