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Dear Sir,

The other day we visited the refugee camp where the refugees from Mozambique have been kept. It is a common knowledge that the plight of the refugees is no better than the uncared for animals throughout the world, but the condition of refugees from Mozambique was worse then that of the account we read in the columns of newspapers.

The very sight of the refugee camp meant for our unfortunate brothers makes one’s hair stand on end. The whole area of the camp is a bog slum. There is more sewerage, no drainage system, and no cleanliness worth the name. Rain water collects here and there and enters into the tents to make the life of the inhabitants went more miner able.

Dirt, heaps of garbage and squalor of the camp can assume epidemic proportions any time. People, especially the children and women, are in poor health because of hunger and lack of medical facilities. There are no arrangements for the education of the young children. Even potable water is not available.


To crown it all, the assistance that has been provided by the authorities, managing the camp, is quite inadequate. The poor refugees are not provided with sufficient food. It is a crying shame we do not provide sufficient clothing to women and young girls to protect their honor.

In the circumstance, I request the authorities, voluntary organizations, philanthropists, and the UN to come to the assistance of the hapless refugees in a big way to bring some cheer and sunshine in the lives of refugees.

Yours faithfully