Dear name,

I appreciate your feelings expressed in your letter about Thanappa. I agree with you that Thanappa has committed an offence. But I don’t think I should complain against him for his dereliction of duty.


It was Thanappa who himself confessed his offence. But his understanding, loyalty and above all, humaneness outweigh his offence. He did what a father would do. Perhaps, if I had been in his place, I could have done the same. How much he is moved by something bad happening to Malgudi people is known to all! He is a part and parcel of Malgudi’s soul. Be it any good or bad happening with anybody in Malgudi. Thanappa is there to show his concern.

Thanappa is a postman but in human values, he is matchless. I value his human relationship more than professional responsibility. This is my personal outlook. I may be wrong but I cannot complain against Thanappa.

Yours affectionately