One of your friends wants to discontinue his/her study. Write a letter to him/her suggesting continuing study.



Your Friend Name


Dear Friend,

Two of your letters were delivered to me at a time. I got awe-struck to read your last letter. It contained very painful news for me. You have decided to discontinue your study under the pressure of poverty. But it is not a good decision.

Poverty is a temporary financial condition. It can, however, be eradicated by applying intelligence. Education teaches how to get rid of difficulties. An uneducated person dwindles in uncertainties. He can not wipe out his poverty for ever. He always seeks temporary relief. It is only an educated man who can win poverty for good.

Although I have not attained the right age to give you advice, I can never with hold my feelings for you. By discontinuing education at this early age, you are not going to get any true benefit. Rather, you will repent for your wrong decision. This is an age of science. After a few years of technical training you may be able to get a job in some prospering industry.


Our government has been kind enough to afford free education to women upto the Higher Secondary level. You need not pay tuition fees. There are also some other facilities in every college to help poor and meritorious students. Amit of our village who is very poor and very meritorious is now reading in College. He is staying in college hostel as a free boarder. You can similarly impress upon your lecturers with your keenness in mathematics and statistics. You have also offered very good subjects such as electronics and geology as your optional. These subjects have great prospects.

Poverty can not be a bar against higher education. At this stage, you should try to find out a permanent solution to your poverty. Quitting study at the undergraduate stage can not help you either in getting an attractive high salaried job or in setting up a strong future for your family, an uneducated person very soon finds himself in the ocean of disappointment and doom.

To achieve something great is not as easy as you think. I think you will realise the import of my letter and change your decision accordingly.

Yours sincerely,