Letter to a Friend inviting him to attend the Marriage of Your Sister


You must have received the formal printed invitation card inviting you to attend marriage of my elder sister, Kusum. It was dispatched four days back. You know my sister well. You had a couple of occasions to meet and talk to her at our residence. You already know that her marriage will take place on 16th March, 19… in the night.

All the preparations have almost been completed for the happy occasion. The marriage-party will arrive from Chandigarh, and reach our residence in the evening at about 8 p.m. Therefore, you must be present here in time to receive the marriage-party.

You are my intimate friend, and without you much of my joy and happiness would be reduced. That is why I am writing you this letter of invitation. You would be very glad to be introduced to the bridegroom. He is a doctor and a very interesting fellow.


There would be some common friends as well. We all shall enjoy together fun and food, and merry-making. My parents and sister would be pleased to see you on the occasion. Yesterday my sister was enquiring about you. Bring your sister Minima with you. She will enjoy it a lot.

I am sure you will not disappoint me, and reach our residence well before the arrival of the marriage-party. With compliments to your parents and love to little Minima.

Yours lovingly,

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