How to write Invitation Letter to Spend Holidays or Vacation Together?


At the outset, express happiness on getting a vacation:

1. At last, the summer vacations have started and we can relax now.

2. I am absolutely thrilled at the thought of Puja Holidays starting next Monday.


3. How exciting it is to learn that you have finally been granted leave …………………

4. To think of Diwali, just at hand, makes me quite happy.

5. The thought Diwali makes me quite thrilled.

6. The very thought of winter vacation starting from the first of next month makes me jump with joy.


7. I am happy to inform you that we will spend next Sunday evening together.

8. Thank God, finally you have taken out some time from your busy schedule.

Now, enquire about the reader’s programme:

9. What are your plans for the vacation? Do you plan to go somewhere during the vacation?


10. How do you propose to spend your Puja holidays?

11. I hope you haven’t fixed anything for this Diwali/winter/summer vacation.

12. Please let me know your programme for the winter vacations so that I can arrange accordingly.

Thereafter, extend your invitation to spend the holidays with you:


13. I gladly invite you to spend your holidays with us.

14. It will be our pleasure to have you with us during these holidays.

15. Please make it this time which has been postponed a lot.

16. Why don’t you spend this vacation with us?


17. I remember you had promised to spend this vacation with us, so don’t back out now.

18. My wife and Babloo have been pestering me to ask you to spend your vacations with us.

19. I invite you to accompany us to Shimla this vacation.

20. I know your Babu and Bunte are quite keen to see Shimla. So why don’t all of you spend your vacations here with us.

21. It will be very exciting if you could spend this vacation with us.

Mention the activities on being together:

22. You know we have a number of tourist spots in the vicinity and we could go on trips over here.

23. As we have a lot of greenery all around, it remains pleasantly cool even during summers.

24. Even if we don’t go very far from the town, we could have enough time to spend together in entertaining ourselves.

25. We could go for swimming and boating and even surf-bathing during these days.

26. This place is full of litchis (Strawberries) and plums during this season. You can look forward to enjoy them here.

27. We have a busy cultural season in the winter here and I know you love theatre and music.

28. If you want to get away from the crowd and din of Delhi, you wouldn’t find a better place than our village.

29. We look-forward to have nice long treks in the hills with you.

30. My parents also are quite keen to have you with us.

31. I admit that the weather now is not very good here, but I am sure we will make delightful company. And that makes all the difference!

32. Please do not worry about the accommodation, as we have a bigger house now.

33. I have already got the guest-room ready for you.

Then insist on coming to you and confirm the date and time of arrival:

34. Please reply soon and let me know about the date and time of your arrival.

35. Please don’t disappoint us. We are all keenly looking forward to see you.

36. Please don’t hesitate at all – just pack up your suitcase and come down

37. On getting your travel intimation, we will arrange to receive you at the railway station/airport.

38. You know that I won’t take a ‘no’ from you.

39. You know you can’t back out after the promise you made last month over here.

Sample Letter

My dear …………………

At last, the summer vacations have started and we can relax now. I hope you have not fixed up anything for this summer vacation. I remember you had promised to spend it with us, so don’t back out now. My parents also are quite keen to have you with us. Please don’t hesitate at all – just pack up your suitcase and come down.

With good wishes,


Your Name

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