A letter to your next-door neighbor asking him to keep his television and radio-set in low volume


Dear Dr. Sudhir,

I am your next-door neighbor with three other members in the family my Mrs. a college-going daughter and a son, preparing for his All India Senior School Certificate Examination. As for me, I am an author by profession and keep myself busy with reading or writing most of the time. It is needless to say how all of us love calm and quiet surroundings for work as well as concentration!

However, we are feeling quite disturbed for quite some time on account of the noise coming from your television and radio till late at night. I know that since you are an educated and responsible person yourself, this inconvenience is not being caused intentionally.


May I, therefore, request you for favour of asking your family members to tune in your T.V. and radio in low volume so that we too can work and live peacefully!

Thanking you and hoping for your fullest co-operation.

Sincerely yours,

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