133 Words Essay on Your Neighbor or a Good Neighbor


I live in Karol Bagh. It is a crowded part of the city. We have neighbors of all kinds. They are of different castes and religions. Mr. Kailash is my next door neighbor. He is a businessman. He deals in ready-made garments.

He has one son and one daughter. His son is of my age. He is my class fellow. Mr. Kailash is a popular person. He is soft-spoken. He is cultured and polite. There is always a smile on his face.

He is very cooperative by nature. He is not very rid but he always helps the needy persons. His wife also is a very kind lady. She is well-educated. Whenever we have any problem, she comes to our help. There are other neighbors too. But Mr. Kailash is my best neighbor.

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