5 Importance’s of Objectives in any organizations

All organizations exist to achieve certain goals. To make these goals effective and efficient objectives are important. Objectives have the following importance:-

1. Direction:

Objectives provide needed guidelines for the organisation. Once objectives are framed all activities are directed towards achieving such objectives. Wren says, “Without seeing the target, a manager would be like a blindfolded archer – expending useless effort and creating havoc”.


2. Legitimacy:

Objectives help the organisation to have legal existence and to continue its operations. This legal status improves the image of the organisation among the customers and competitors.

3. Coordination:

Common objectives of die organisation triggers the efforts of managers at lower level and their subordinates to focus their efforts towards achieving the common goal. McGregor viewed that “In selling effective goals managers help members at all levels of the organisation to understand how they can best active their own goals by directing their behaviour towards the goals of the organisation”.


4. They form standards:

Objectives form standards for the organizations. They become measuring points of the achievements or failures of organizations.

5. They arc motivators:

People at all level are motivated to achieve die goals set through objectives. They kindle the enthusiasm and spirits of employees at all levels.