What are the 3 Characteristics of Objectives in an organizations?


3 Characteristics of Objectives in an organizations

1. Objectives form a hierarchy:

In organizations there are objectives within objectives. They are to be defined properly to use them separately and profitably as a whole. The hierarchy of objectives is a graded series in which organization’s goals are supported by each succeeding managerial level down to the level of an individual. This is depicted in the following chart:


2. Objectives form a network:

Objectives are interrelated and interdependent. The subsidiary objectives formed at lower level contribute to meet the basic objectives of the total organisation. Conflicting objectives formed at lower level must give way to fit each other. Koontz says that, ” it is bad enough when goals do not support and interlock with one another. It may be catastrophic when they interfere with one another”.

3. Long and short range objectives:

Long range objectives may exceed even five years. This’ may be the ultimate goal of an organisation. Short and medium range objectives are means to achieve long range objectives.

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