We should be thankful to him who invented printing. It is printing that enables as to have our newspapers. Newspapers are widely read. Even the poor man can afford a newspaper because of its low cost.

There are daily and weekly newspapers. There are also morning and evening editions of the same newspapers. They provide us with all kinds of news. They cater for all kinds of tastes. Sports’ lovers have a sports page; business men will scan the advertisements. Those who are politically minded will read all those articles pertaining to the government and its policies. Some read only the headlines and the editorial.

The newspaper is an important medium of advertising. Those who have goods or services to sell will advertise them in newspapers. Thus they will be able to reach a large number of consumers or clients. A newspaper is important also because it helps to educate the public. People can keep in touch with notable events both at home and abroad. It also shapes public opinion. The views expressed by the editor make people think and form their own opinion. If there is some glaring injustice or if the policies of the government are faulty, the newspapers will expose them. They will arouse public sentiment against such grievances. So newspapers play an important role in moulding and rousing public opinion in a free country.

The press is free to attack the government policies only in a free country like ours which is a democracy. If a country is not free, the press is gagged. Everything that is published in newspapers is censored by the government. This means that no one can speak the truth or criticise the government. In communist countries and under dictatorial regimes the press is not free. We should be happy to belong to a free country where we enjoy freedom of the press.