Indeed, reading newspapers is an art. Since, after all, you cannot read everything in a newspaper; you have to select certain items which are useful or interesting to you. I, for one, do not attach much importance to editorials which are usually written in a heavy, pedantic style. However, I do follow, with keen interest, the political developments in India and abroad. I only glance at the speeches of Ministers, satisfying myself that they contain clichés like ‘national integration’ and ‘communal harmony’. While I peruse many of the ‘Letters to the Editor’, I hardly miss a news item of human interest. I scan even the matrimonial advertisements and am often amply rewarded by gems such as “wanted a tall, handsome, educated, domesticated girl”.

One can enrich one’s pleasure in reading newspapers by attending to their style. Once there was a minor earthquake in Mumbai which caused no graver mischief than upsetting a few pots in the housewife’s kitchen. But a newspaper reported the incident in the sensational headline: “Mumbai Rocks on Earthquake.” No doubt it would be exciting to read such a headline; but how far would it be true? In their eagerness to be interesting and colourful, journalists tend to exaggerate and sacrifice truth. Nevertheless, I love newspapers. I especially love my newspaper when it comes crisp and fresh from the press early in the morning and resent sharing it with others.


Why I am fond of newspapers – the items I select for reading – the style of newspapers – conclusion. I have a passion for reading my daily newspaper. Every morning I wait for it eagerly and read it avidly over a cup of tea. Why do I love reading newspapers so much? Do I seek information, the satisfaction of curiosity, of the basic human hunger for news, I partly do so, but an important reason why I am fond of newspapers is that they provide a variety of reading material and do not demand concentration upon a particular subject which is apt to be strenuous. You are free to read whatever you like and skip whatever you dislike what you find prosaic or complicated.