How to Teach Students with Learning Disability?


Some students may have specific learning problems such as reading, writing, spelling or arithmetic.

For example, some students always read and write ‘b’ ads” ‘was’ as ‘saw’ ’21’ as ’12’, These students are said to have a learning disability which arises out of the problems in psychological process. These students should be provided with special help in learning.

Identification of Disability:


The following are some of the observable behaviors for identification of learning disability.

1. He is always united and late in submitting home work and coming to class.

2. He is destructible and cannot remember his time table.

3. He writes number wrong e.g. ’12’ as ’21’ as write ’69’ when asked to write ’79’.


4. Makes mistakes in spellings, especially omits letter in words as change their place e.g. pat instead of ‘tap’ or ‘felt’ as ‘left’ ’ember’ in place of ‘remember’.

5. He does not read well although his oral answers are intelligent.

6. Reads individual letters in the words but has difficulty in putting the sounds of the letters together. For example, he may say, the sound b/e/g and say ‘Bad’ or sound .

7. Omits words or lines in reading.


8. He is so excited that he is unable to complete any task.

9. Does not perform well in the examinations although, he is clever and has no physical disability.

Education of students with disability:

Such students need help in areas of their disability such as reading arithmetic etc. They can be helped asunder:


1. We should adopt suitable teaching strategies to support their learning.

2. We should not criticize the students unnecessarily.

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