How to systematically manage you office Stationery?


The office workers should be provided with the best stationery items in order to produce the best work. As such, office supplies are important for efficient performance of office operations. Therefore, it is essential to control office stationery. The following points are to be borne in mind:

Cost: The cost of the stationery not only includes the price paid but also includes the interest on capital tied up, labour cost of keeping the items, depreciation of storage equipments, etc. Therefore, a proper control is essential to keep down the cost to the minimum.

Avoidance of wastage:


Wastage in stationery may happen because of careless handling, deterioration of items, poor quality, over-stocking etc. All these are to be avoided. Proper control of office stationery must be followed by proper issue control.


Standard items alone should be purchased. Substandard items bought have less life and go waste soon. The envelope and letter, if of poor quality will repel the readers.

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