In order to prevent and combat protein calorie malnutrition the 8th FAO/WHO Expert Committee has recommended the following measures:

1. Education

i. Nutrition education for the promotion of correct feeding practices.

ii. Ante-natal, natal and post-natal care of the mother.


iii. Promotion of breast-feeding.

iv. Development of low-cost yet nutritive weaning foods.

v. Measures to improve family diet as a whole.

vi. Execution of population survey of vulnerable groups.


2. Control of infections like tuberculosis, typhoid, chicken pox, yellow fever; diarrhea, through

i. Immunization

ii. Promotion of food hygiene and personal hygiene.

iii. Hygiene in the preparation of infant foods and feeding of infants.


3. Detection and treatment of hook-worm and other parasitic infestation by faecal examination and de-worming when necessary of heavily infested children.

4. Provision of a mineral, multi-vitamin supplement since in most children vitamin deficiency is also present.