In order to protect and conservation of wild animals several measures have been taken:

1. Numerous campaigns like ‘Project Tiger’, ‘Project Rhinoceros’ have been launched. At present 21 Tiger Reserves have been set up in the country.

2. Hunting of wild animals and birds has been banned.

3. Poachers and hunters are penalised. The number of forest guards is being increased.


4. Peacock and lion have been declared national bird and national animal respectively.

5. Zoological parks are being set up in every nook and corner of the country.

6. Biosphere Reserves have been set up. The first Biosphere Reserve was set up on an area of 5500 sq. km. at the trijunction of Kerala, Karanataka and Tamilnaduin 1986. Then came the Nanda Devi in Uttaranchal.

Other important biosphere reserves are Nokrek in Meghalaya, Sundarbans in West Bengal, Great Nicobar, Gulf of Mannar, Manas, Similipal and Dibru-Saikhova