Why was the Wahabi movement in Bengal a failure?


The Barasat rebellion was an outbun t of Titumir’s followers against the British. Titumir and his associates died fighting valiantly. The British soldiers soon took possession of the fortress and the surviving rebels were taken as prisoners fought under the banner of religion.

Titumir’s organization assumed such a formidable character that the British had to employ troops against the rebels.

The rebellion was unsuccessful as the rebels had no military training and had no idea about the strategic movements.


But it may be regarded as the first armed rebellion of the peasants of Bengal against the British, the oppressive zamindars, money-lenders and the indigo farmers.

The Wahabi movement, however, did not come to an end with the death of Syed Ahmed or Titumir. The Wahabis also took an active part in the Revolt of 1857.

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