Why Samudragupta is called the ‘Indian Napoleon’?


Court-poet of Samudragupta:

Harisena, the composer of Allahabad Prasasti, was the court-poet of Samudragupta.

The Indian Napoleon:


Samudragupta was a great conqueror, carried his sword throughout the length and breadth of India thereby built the mighty Gupta Empire. Samudragupta annexe large number of kingdoms in Aryavarta to the Gupta Empire. The defeated at least twelve kings of South India.

He also submission from the three groups of states, such as: The Atavika Rajya, Pratyanta Pradesha and respect from the countries beyond the frontiers of India.

For example, Meghavarmana, the king Ceylon sent an envoy to the court of Samudragupta.

Samudragupta celebrated Asvamedha Sacrifice after he had completed conquests. In view of his success as a conqueror that V.A. Smith has called him the ‘Indian Napoleon’.


Policies in North and South India:

Samudragupta, a great conqueror, did not follow the same policy in his conquest of north and southern India.

While in northern India most of the kingdoms were conquered and annexed to the Gupta Empire, in southern India he followed the ideal of dharma-vijay.

That is to say, in so India he followed the policy of Grahan-Moksha- Amigrha.


This meant the southern kings were first booked, then they were release and subsequently reinstated in their respective kingdoms.

Trait of Character:

The coin depicting Samudragupta playing on an Indian lyre clearly shows that he was fond of instrumental music.

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