Brief Notes on Samudragupta as a conquerer


Samudragupta is famous as a conquerer. It is possible to know about his conquests in details from the inscription inscribed by Harisena, the court-poet of Samudragupta. Samudragupta brandished his sword through the nooks and corners of northern and southern India.

Of course, he followed different policies in north and south India While Samudragupta conquered and annexed kingdoms of the north, in south he returned back the territories to the respective kings after obtaining their surrender.

Besides, he obtained submissions of the forest tribes (Atcivikci Rajya), frontier countries (Pratyanta. Pradesha), etc. He was also not unknown to the foreign kings. However, in view of his success as a conqueror Samudragupta is known as the ‘Indian Napoleon’.

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