What was the significance of the Bhakti movement?


The significance of the Bhakti movement was as follows:

Firstly, the Bhakti saints preferred to stay amidst people.

Secondly, the Bhakti saints’ popularity may be explained by this.


Thirdly, the Bhakti saints used to preach their idea in local vernacular.

This was the reasons for the advancement of the vernacular language. Fourthly, the Bhakt’ saints attacked the class-distinction in the Hindu society.

They also said that religion does not stand in the way of man’s salvation. Fifthly, the Bhakti movement helped the Hindus and Muslims to come closer.

For, they selected their disciples both from the Hindus and Muslims. Sixthly, the Bhakti movement also made positive contribution to the regeneration of the womenfolk.

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