Short note on the Empire of Napoleon in 1811


The territorial expansion of France reached its climax in 1811. It comprised Belgium, Holland and Denmark up to the eastern boundary in the north-east, and Piedmont, Geneva, Turkey and Papal States its boundary in the south-east.

In the east of this empire from north to south were the confederated states of Rhine, Switzerland. Italy and Naples were also under his sovereignty. The Province of Illyria on the eastern coast of Adriatic Sea was also included in the French Empire.

Prussia, Austria, Duchy of Warsaw and Russia were situated beyond his empire. Prussia was suppressed even now, Austria had already subdued, Russia was his friend and the Duchy of Warsaw was a vassal of Napoleon, which used to keep an eye on all these countries.


Joseph was a nominal king of Spain. Therefore it is clear that the influence of Napoleon spread all through Europe.

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