Turkey had a great importance for Germany due to the land route to Western Asia passing through it. Through Turkey William II cc establish his sway in the Far East and get raw material from Turkey.

Turkey could also be helpful to her in getting soldiers for the Ger army. This is why William II wanted to bring Turkey under the influence of Germany.

England was also interested in establishing her influence Turkey and did not want any other power to get its foothold in Turkey Till the Congress of Berlin, relations between England and Turkey quite cordial but these relations came under a strain afterwards.

Taking the advantage of the changing situation William II endeavoured establish his sway over Turkey. He visited Turkey twice and during second tour he assured the Turkish Sultan and the thirty million Muslims living in different parts of the world that he was their true friend, speech of William II created a stir in all the European countries as of the Muslims were living there.


At this time the armies of the Abdul Hamid, trained by the German officers were perpetrating massacres in Armenia and the whole of the Christian world stood shoe at it. England and France were also annoyed by this declaration, as a 1 number of Muslims used to live in these two countries.

According to pact of 1902 William II had already secured the right of building Berlin-Baghdad Railway. England was much terrified at this because could have created a danger to her eastern empire.

Thus, it was sheer foolishness of the German emperor to embitter England, a powerful country by establishing friendly relations with Turkey, which was a weak nation.