Short biography of Surya Sen


Surya Sen, popularly known as Masterda is remembered for the famous Chittagong armoury decoity.

Surya Sen was a capable organizer. He picked up a few youngmen for revolutionary purposes. He trained them up so that they could fight against the British and wrest from them the country’s freedom.

On 18 April, 1930 Surya Sen along with his few associates such as: Lokenath Baul. Ganesh Ghosh, etc. in a daring raid upon the Chittagong armoury looted the arms and ammunition stored there.


With the help of the looted weapons the revolutionaries under the leadership of Surya Sen fought a pitched battle with the British army.

Meanwhile the city remained free from British control for two days. Though the attempt did not succeed the heroic fight of Surya Sen and his associates kindled the spirit of sacrifice among the young revolutionaries of India.

Surya Sen is remembered for the heroic feat of his mentioned above.

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